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Recreation on the Lake


The size and character of the lake affords opportunity for all boating enthusiasts, whether it be for pleasure cruising, speed boating, water skiing, or ice boating. The harbors & marinas along the shorelines house an array of professional fishing boats, power speed boats, & larger cabin crafts. Public boat landings can be found up and down the shorelines, pumping stations are available, and waterfront gas pumps are available along the river and various points on the lake. The power of high performance cigarette boats are an entertainment delight during some of the rallies hosted in the summer months. Many enthusiasts take advantage of the waterway by adventuring both up and down the river system in addition to the main lake waterway. As the lock and dam renovation project continues it’s resurrection toward the Great Lakes the future possibilities will be endless as boaters will again be able to make their way even further and venture from Lake Winnebago all the way to Appleton, Green bay, and Lake Michigan. Together, the two combined sections of the upper and lower Fox River connect a staggering inland waterway of nearly 200 miles.
The lake supports a vast and diverse fishery. Walleye, perch, bluegill, white bass, large mouth, small mouth, catfish, crappie, and northern pike are prevalent and provide fantastic fishing opportunities throughout the season. Rumor has it the lake also holds record size musky although the mammoth size of the lake makes finding them more than difficult. World class fishing tournaments, such as Mercury Marine’s National Walleye Tournament, are hosted on an annual basis. Lake guides are available and fishing clubs are organized around each side of the lake. Bait & tackle shops can be found throughout each community of the lake as well.
Lake Winnebago is a major waterfowl and nesting area. Large concentrations of diving duck species including scaup and canvasback are prevalent throughout the fall season. Puddle ducks are also present in the marshes of the southwest end of the lake. In season, water fowl hunting can be exceptional both on open water and along the island areas of the lake.
Colorful sailing vessels merge on Lake Winnebago and take advantage of one of the best known sailing lakes in the state of Wisconsin. Visitors travel from all over the Midwest and compete in annual regattas and numerous races from spring to the late months of the fall. Sailing clubs are organized across the lake and a number of facilities cater specifically to the sailing enthusiast. The water is warm in the summer, wind flow is steady, and the lake offers a large expanse to move sail across. Ice sailing is a close substitute for the avid in the months of winter.
Sturgeon Spearing
Lake Winnebago is home to the largest self-sustaining population of lake sturgeon in the world. As one of the oldest known vertebrates on Earth these bottom feeders can live over 150 years, grow to over 7 feet long, and exceed 300 lbs. An average of 4,000 ice shanties are hauled onto Lake Winnebago every year for an annual winter sturgeon spearing event regulated by the DNR. Large holes are cut through the ice with chain or handsaws, decoys are set, and a 7-8 foot barb pointed spear weighing 12 to 17 pounds is dropped atop a passing by sturgeon from above. A rope is tied to the spearhead which detaches when the fish is speared. The current record on Lake Winnebago, for the largest sturgeon speared, is 6.6 feet in length at a whopping 188 lbs. 
Consistent wind and the sprawling size of the lake are inviting forces for the avid windsurfer. Warmer water and shallow shorelines often create the most ideal conditions and the vivid colors of surfing enthusiasts is prominent across the lake during the season. Kite surfing gains popularity and ice surfing is a close substitute in the months of winter by many.
Snowmobiling & Four-Wheeling
With so much activity at hand in the months of winter across Lake Winnebago it is no wonder both snowmobiling and four wheeling account for a large portion of traffic over the lake. Mobility on the lake various with weather conditions and enthusiasts often take advantage and use of the season once safe conditions arrive. Trails cover miles of country side on each side of the lake and have direct access to the lake corridor from one community to the next. Whether a patron at local establishments or simply using the shoreline as a crossway to marked trails, lake traffic heightens among the winter weekends and many scheduled festivities. Numerous clubs are organized and pro shops are present along the shorelines.
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